Flagstick Contributes to Feature Story in Golf Course Management - China

December 2012

The current edition of Golf Course Management - China features a five- page article by Hal Phillips discussing the benefits of sulfur burning technology for on-site water treatment. Hal focuses his reporting on the sulfur burner recently installed at Tianjin Pearl Beach International CC, where Flagstick is managing construction.

One of the major reasons for the renovation at Tianjin Pearl Beach was the failure the first time around to give adequate consideration to the area’s poor water quality. Over time, the high levels of dissolved solids in the water were building up in the soil, which caused considerable damage to the agronomic health of the golf course.

This time, a sulfur burner has been employed to balance the pH level of the water. Flagstick’s president, Martin Moore, was interviewed for the article and explained the many benefits of utilizing this technology. He pointed out that with water resources becoming increasingly precious, especially in northern China, this type of technology will soon be necessary for many courses.

We thank Hal Phillips for asking Flagstick to contribute to this piece.